1. titytwochainz:


    I’m too high thinking too hard

    I’m too hard thinking too high

  2. hoomie:


    NYPD twitter campaign implodes, flooded with photos of police abuse

    Just before 2 pm EDT, the New York City Police Department called via Twitter for photos of citizens with its officers. Almost immediately the campaign #myNYPD seemed to backfire, as users flooded the hashtag with photos decrying alleged police brutality.


  3. I refuse to accept other people’s ideas of happiness for me. As if there’s a one size fits all standard for happiness.

    — Kanye West (via kimkanyekimye)

  4. nzurianne:




    All black people can relate to yah moms tripping like this

    It’s like pledging

    Real life

    :( it hurts

  5. queeniman:



    A beautifully done animation on how you became you.

    See the full video here as I left out some really cool parts.

    From 300 or so million down to ONE.

    YOU. MADE. IT.

    Let’s think about this for a moment. The US population is roughly 330 million human beings. For the purposes of demonstration, take almost the ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE US and put them on the west coast, packed as tightly as possible. You’re just chillin, somewhere south of Pasadena let’s say, trying to get free, sweating and hungry with a desire you’ve never experienced before. You know you’re going to die though you think you’ll be the one to make it.

    Then like the ULTIMATE hunger games of GENETIC WIN you traverse across the country desperately trying to get to the goal with absolute disregard for the other 299 million people. Your mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, everyone you’ve ever known dies. You somehow get to the end. Where you bust through a gated base only to be sealed in and combined with another human to make a brand NEW human.

    300,000,000 and you’re the only survivor. And your prize is to essentially die and reconstitute into a new being.

    That’s awesome.


  6. wussypillow:





    thats beautiful

    An American hero

    :,) Made my day, inspiring 

    (Source: rawstory.com)

  7. if we
    people of color
    burn the world down.
    for what
    have experienced.
    are experiencing.
    we don’t.

    — how stunningly beautiful that our respect for the earth is deeper than our rage, nayyirah waheed (via nayyirahwaheed)

  8. penutbutterqueen:


    Being attractive is hard, because you don’t get any days off. You can’t just go out and be ugly. You gotta be on ya A game every day. Shout out to the ugly people. Living up to them low expectations. Surprising people occasionally, but never letting them down. 


  9. sh1re:

    happy easter

  10. hellabloggin:

    things to say during sex

    • nothing
    • you dont need sex
    • the lord is watching
    • amen